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Sponsor of the Endurance GB
National Champion
2006 and 2007
with the presentation of the:
Control Master
Endurance Saddle

2006 Endurance GB
National Champion
Jill Kent & Bitterwell Spirit

2007 Endurance GB
National Champion
Jeni Gilbert & Flurrie

Sponsor of the
Celaeron Equestrian Centre
2010/2011 Winter
Dressage and Jumping League
with the presentation of
a Saintwestwell Saddle to each winner
Sponsor of the Endurance GB
Saintwestwell Margam Park Ride
80km ER winners

E. L Hackett & Starlight of Grangeway 15.7 kph
2008 - C. A. Dark & Elmsteads Poloistique 17.5 kph
2007 - P. Jones & Peanuts 15.7 kph

Saintwestwell are proud Sponsors of:

 Sponsor and Supporter of many Events:
       Red Dragon, Cirencester, Lindum Spirit, Gower Gamble,
        Training Rides, Celaeron Dressage and Show Jumping.

 Welsh Home International Team 2010.

 British Young Rider Squad 2009.

Sponsors Spot EGB Magazine
July/August Issue
How long have Saintwestwell been involved in endurance?
We’ve over 20 years involvement with Endurance in the UK, Europe and UAE.

What does Saintwestwell Sponsor?
Saintwestwell started sponsoring/supporting Rides and Trophies local  to us in Wales. This then progressed to supporting the Red Dragon, Golden Horse Shoe, Sole sponsorship of the Saintwestwell Margam Park Ride 2006 to the current year and Sponsorship of the EGB Supreme Championship Title 2006 and 2007 with a Saintwestwell Control Master Saddle (endurance model) which was presented to the Champion.

What does Saintwestwell get out of Sponsorship?
The satisfaction of supporting a great sport and the pleasure of putting something back into a sport that we have had great enjoyment from, and watching our products perform for our clients.

Does Saintwestwell support other Equestrian disciplines?
Saintwestwell also sponsors a Welsh Dressage Winter Championship and numerous other equestrian events.

Does Saintwestwell support individual endurance riders, or riders in other disciplines?
Saintwestwell supports a number of top class Endurance combinations and riders in other disciplines, with gifts
such as numnahs, girths, saddles loans, help, advice and training.